073.1 | FF: World’s Greatest

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The PK team gathers out of nowhere to chat about The Wolverine, Bobby K, and the comics they’ve read. This week’s book club is FF: World’s Greatest. Setlist goes something like this: news, comic chatter, and a book club! Special thanks to YOU for our iTunes reviews and/or ratings so far; they help spread the word about the show.

  • (05.00) - The Wolverine press shot
  • (07.00) - Dale upsets legless people, does not speak for PK
  • (08.25) - Bob Kirkman settles with Tony Moore
  • (16.45) - Comics chatter: Wolverine, Conan, and Daredevil
  • (24.35) - Lightning Round™: Wolverine and the X-Men, Avengers Academy, The Last Phantom
  • (33.25) - FF: World’s Greatest

Next week! -> Paperkeg #74 | A Contract w/ God!

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