Paperkeg #076 | Sandman

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Four friends release the brakes and slam the gas to save you from poorly recorded comics podcasts. This week’s book club is Sandman by Neil Gaiman.

Topics included, but were not limited to:

  • (05.00) - Age of Ultron
  • (10.00) - Slim makes a bold prediction
  • (13.00) - Comics chatter: Red She-Hulk, Thor, All-New X-Men, and Where is Jake Ellis?
  • (32.00) - Lightning Round™: Princeless, Great Pacific, Batman: Lil Gotham, and He-Man
  • (33.30) - Sandman
  • (54.00) - Letters: stop crying

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Hosted by: @dale_a | @slim | @JonesyLovesBeer | @FarringtonSays.

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    My favorite podcast is back and better than ever. If you like comic book round-tables and biting personal insults...
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    that’s right folks The podcast you didn’t even know went away is back again
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    Damn. It feels so good. Couldn’t have waited much longer. We knew things were afoot even when we put the show on...
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