Paperkeg Radio Syndicate.

Paperkeg | iTunes 
Paperkeg is the way comics were meant to be read - by hearing about them. It features chatter about the books we’re reading, a special book club, and your letters to end the show. 

Bookjug | iTunes
Bookjug is a book club style podcast that allows two lapsed readers to (re)discover a love for the medium. Join them in the throes of passion as they make up for lost time. With books. Hosted by founding members of Paperkeg, @dale_a and @jonesylovesbeer.

The Flap | iTunes
The Flap is an unrivaled talk show featuring in-depth conversations on technology, life, love, comics, and fatherhood. Hosted by founding members of Paperkeg, @dale_a and @slim.

Techsmoke | iTunes
Slim used to do a podcast about tech news. His wife knows nothing about tech news. This is what happens when they’re recorded talking about tech news. 

Interview with the Podcast Vampire | iTunes
A podcast retrospective on the filmography of Tom Cruise. Presented by Paperkeg.